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Something quirky.

Something seemingly normal.

Maybe a note on my wacky eating habits.

A brief, dark anecdote explaining an irrational fear of [insert harmless activity].

An allergy or extreme hate of a very specific kind of food seasoning.

This is where I talk about a childhood pet whom I miss dearly. (sike, never had any)

A humblebrag about a completely useless talent that will in no way benefit your agency.

Of course, have to talk about my first odd job that—again—will not benefit your agency.

An overly aggressive claim of how my favorite sports team is better than your favorite sports team.

A mildly provocative social stand.

Obligatory comment on my music tastes and maybe a bonus mention of an impromptu dance party.

And finally, a wrap-up that makes the above relevant to my skill set as a super competent copywriter.

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